Sweet Machine


Sweet Machine is a new publishing company. We publish the things you'd like to read on the internet but don't get round to, probably because you have too many tabs open. 

We're the print version of a confectionary dispenser outside a shop: put a little something in, and you'll get a little something out. 

Our first book happened by accident. When it looked like Total Refreshment Centre would close, Emma Warren decided to 'bang out' a tiny fanzine telling the story of the place. 18 months and 130 pages later, it's a book. The first run of 1,000 copies sold out in a few months. It's had fantastic coverage and word is spreading, worldwide. There's an audio version coming in September and it's already inspired a stage show: 'Dreaming The City' which was based on the research uncovered in our book, and which happened at The Barbican, back in April. 

Who knows what we'll do next? 

Find us on Instagram @sweetmachinepublishing or drop us a line [email protected]